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The point of view that the questions, "What is truth ?" and "What is real ?" are meaningless is not only incorrect but negative and harmful in its suppression of inquiry and progress that could otherwise take place. That state of affairs has existed for so many human lifetimes that it has essentially implanted in our collective and individual thinking the incorrect belief that there is no absolute truth. We have gone from inability to determine the truth to non-belief in its existence and then to belief that truth, and reality, are whatever we choose to believe them to be and can force on our fellows. The great damage that such thinking does is the license that it gives to create, choose, decide upon one's own "reality" and then act accordingly.  Such thinking ultimately gives us war, rapine, holocausts, genocide. Science on the large scale, dealing with the fundamentals of reality and the universe, has always had a major effect on the non-scientific - social - general philosophic thinking of society and its leaders. And, upon Einstein’s insistence that there is no absolute frame of reference, the probabilistic universe of quantum mechanics, and the distortion of Heisenberg uncertainty from measurement uncertainty to actual indeterminacy we can lay some of the responsibility for the horrors and tragedies of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

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