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Patient records are treated physically, but the information contained therein is exclusive to the patient and the accompanying physician; in principle, the investigator must request authorization from the patient so that he can have access to the information contained in his Medical records. This paper presents part of the results achieved in the thesis research presented to the Post-Graduate Program in Information Science of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, research line: Information, Management and Technology, defended in April 2017. One of the objectives was to present It is the light of literature in the area of ​​Information Science that the Patient's Record is a primary source of information and, therefore, requires the informed consent of the patient, owner of the medical record or its legal representative, to access the information contained this document. We sought to reconcile the literature on patient records and sources of information, as well as legislation in Brazil on ethics in research with human beings regarding the use of patient records and the application of informed consent. The result affirms that the Record is a Primary Source of Information, and considering the ethics in research with human beings reaffirms the necessity of the participant's consent of the research when the use of his medical record.

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Nelma Araujo (Brazil) 10918
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Francisca Mota (Brazil) 10970
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