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The Innovation Unit at the Research Institute of the Hospital 12 de Octubre (i+12) was set up in 2014 to address innovation from the lab to the market by managing the innovation funnel which comprises: reception and evaluation of the idea, IPR protection, development and commercialization. The Innovation Unit includes a multidisciplinary team with both, business and technical profiles. It works under an open innovation paradigm, where innovative ideas are welcome not only from the staff but also by other stakeholders such as patients or industry. In order to come up with innovative ideas, several institutional events, training courses and innovative pills are hosted by the Innovation Unit. This Unit also submits proposals to public-private initiatives for the development of medical appliances. To date, 126.000€ have been raised for two prototypes. In particular; an applicator catheter and one ostomy device for preventing parastomal hernias. The said ostomy product has also been awarded with 10.000€ in HEALTHSTART initiative managed by Madrid Region in 2017. Currently, the pool of intangible assets includes: 10 PCT patents, 1 EP granted, which has been validated in several EU markets and at least 15 Spanish granted patents. A total of 5 trademarks are included in the IPR portfolio. The Innovation Unit has saved more than 15.000€ from 2014 in patents proceeding related activities. Maintenance fees and trademarks are managed directly by the Innovation Unit. Two patented technologies have already been licensed to the industry. The Innovation Unit boosts the synergies and alliances with third parties by signing NDA agreements. It acts on behalf the Research Institute i+12 as member of ITEMAS (Medical Technology Innovation Platform Medical Technology Innovation Platform). 

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María López Berlanga 1691
Scientific production

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María López Berlanga 1691
Scientific production