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New technology based innovative solutions are inventions. Those inventions comprise patents and utility models. Nevertheless, only those in compliance with novelty and involving inventive step will become into an IPR in terms of an exclusive right. In order to guarantee the patent application is novel and it involves inventive step, previous existing patent documents should be considered. In particular claims for analysing the inventive step. Patents also allow the user to know about the legal status of third parties IPR in order to no infringe them. What the Hospital 12 de Octubre (Madrid) is concerned, patents are only filed when a previous report of the prior art in favour of the invention has already been drafted by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM). In this sense, potential patents come up by the staff itself, or in collaboration with third parties, including patients, industry or academic sector. That means, working in an open innovation landscape. IP joint ownership with industry partners guarantee a licensee for the patented technology. Most patents at Hospital 12 de Octubre are in relation to medical devices, drug discovery, biomarkers and methods for diagnosis and treatment of several pathologies. Because of the fact, the Spanish National Health System is the right holder of the IPR generated by public hospitals, Foundations for Biomedical Research have been set up in Spain in order to manage the pool of these intangible assets.

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María López Berlanga 1691
Scientific production

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María López Berlanga 1691
Scientific production