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After the completion of genome sequencing by the Human Genome Project which led to the inauguration of a post genomic era, a drastic and wide spread increase in the businesses based on epistemological advancements in life sciences has been witnessed. This paper argues that such outcomes cannot be solely attributed to epistemological advancements, but rather, are also constituted or co-produced by various financial market actors like venture capitalists, private equity funds, initial public offerings etc. But for the financial actors to play such crucial role, is enabled through establishment of a network of relationship with Dedicated Biotech Firms (DBF’s), Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies facilitated by the active involvement of the State. While being attentive to the emergence of such relationships and the role of market actors on such a drastic increase of life science based businesses, the paper attempts to high light the transformation-if any- that took place in the nature of knowledge production due to such market actors especially in the field of life sciences employing the method of co-production. The method of co-production deployed in this paper helps explaining how different actors play various roles towards a given outcome and in turn how each of these actors transform themselves? Given this context, the paper specifically looks at the biomedical sector where multiple actors played a crucial role towards its manifestation in the current form.  In so doing, this paper attempts to explain how new networks of relationships are established between each of these actors vis-à-vis financial actors, academia, DBF's, Multinational Pharmaceutical companies and the role of the State in the establishment of such relationships. While exploring such relationships, the paper delineates how the nature of knowledge production itself has changed over time? 

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Omkar Pattela (India) 10922
Scientific production

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