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Background: In order to provide MUR services, pharmacists must be accredited.1 The Keele MUR accreditation course was originally assessed using a written assessment. Purpose: With increasing numbers of students taking the assessment, a solution was required, which was efficient, interesting for students and met the national competency framework. An online training course and ‘virtual patient’ assessment was created to assess pre-registration trainees competence to undertake MURs and to provide accreditation. The MUR assessment consisted of two parts:20 mcqs and a virtual patient. Methods: The assessment was evaluated using an online self completion questionnaire. This was available to students who had completed both sections. A Likert scale was used to evaluate students views on the assessment. Open ended questions were also included to encourage students to expand on their responses. The questionnaire was disseminated using Google™ forms. The completion data and Likert scale questions were analysed using descriptive statistics and the open ended questions were analysed thematically. Results: The majority of students agreed or strongly agreed with all statements regarding the assessment within the Likert scale questions.   The main themes that came out of the open ended questions were design and browser issues, and lack of guidance. Overall the virtual patient was well received, obtaining many positive comments. Conclusion: Overall this new method of assessment was well received, however there were some design and guidance issues that were identified. These will be addressed before it is released again. References: Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC).Pharmacist MUR accreditation. Available at: (Accessed 8/3/18)

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