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Trajectories and prospects of democracy as a form of political co-habitation in the advancing e-society remain a major concern among scholars and political decision-makers. However, the scholarly debates are yet to explore and understand the imminent political agency of corporate creators and owners of fast-proliferating digital innovation, embedded in global digital platforms as part of world-wide businesses, including that of Google, the core company of the Silicon Valley multinational Alphabet Inc. Driving the development of e-society and e-economy, the company claims to advance digital accessibility, engagement and empowerment of citizens, but how do we define and what do we know about the political agency of Google that celebrates its 20th anniversary? Although innovations of tech giants pervade the global information infrastructure, political communications systems and public life of polities, we still lack the systematic picture of academic debates, dedicated to this phenomenon. I present a systematic and cross-disciplinary overview of the emerging field of academic literature and research that aim to conceptualize the (post-)political role of Google and assess civic implications of the tech giant’s innovation strategy, digital visions and policies, implemented over two recent decades.

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Jurate Kavaliauskaite (Lithuania) 10952
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