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During the last decade, sharing economy has grown with the age of Internet. This form of economy takes place between peers via online platforms as intermediate. The evolution of collaborative practices is due to several factors. Many studies have focused on factors influencing individuals attitude and behavior towards collaborative practices, but few have interested on « Trust » and the process of its construction. As a crucial element that enables any form of exchange to take place between peers, trust is an essential factor to the development of this economy. Among studies that have examined trust in the context of sharing economy, we have noticed a lack of clarity due to several proposed definitions and conceptualizations. Confusion existed between trust and its determinants is noticed. To contribute to fill the existing gap in literature in terms of trust building in the field of sharing economy, the purpose of our paper is to shed light on how can trust be perceived in collaborative economy context, and how can trust be built while focusing on different factors influencing the construction and the maintain of trust, especially platform and peers characteristics. This paper aims to identify the conceptualizations of trust that we can adapt to the context of collaborative economy. This conceptualization serves to link trust to different behavioral and contextual characteristics related to sharing economy. 

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Asmaa Ait Youssef 21
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