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The new technologies of body enhancement are rapidly transforming cultural and political understanding of body, self, normality, sexuality and interaction between them. In this poster I am using P. Piccinini art works as the inspiration of my ideas. The metaphor of demigod is used to show intriguing aspects of the new state of being; it lets me include into analyses the different enhancement technologies: cyborgization, chemical, plastical, genetical and even virtual technologies of creating, improving and changing a human body and through it the political system. The state of demigod is traditionally understood as being inbetween. As all states which are between something, demigod has a lot of different ways of being and becoming, they are never pure. Being inbetween is always risky (G. Agamben); ideal types are unsatisfied of the demigod who in different ways endangers their being. We can find a lot of Greek and other Antic myths where the biggest catastrophes were created to destroy all demigods (like Trojan War, flood and others). Also we can find a lot of stories when people are afraid of somebody who has special skills and try to kill or proclaim abnormal and exclude from society. On the other hand, being demigod could become a new norm. In 2017 E. Musk said: man has to become cyborgs if they want to stay economically relevant and do not become “home cats”. However D. Haraway sees the cyborg as the opportunity to change the thinking of dualisms, and to find new ways of thinking and understanding humanity. In nowadays it is not enough to study one discipline; questions are floating from one to another. In this poster I am trying to find the way to use artistic, philosophical and technological languages to tell the story of the new ways of being.

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