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Advergame is a video game which in some way contains an advertisement for a product, service, or company that are created by a company with the sole purpose of promoting the company itself or one of its products, and the game usually  distributed freely as a marketing tool. Owing to the developing technology and growing internet usage advergaming became a new and popular advertising phenomenon. Even though advertising using games is a long-standing practice in the video game industry, advergaming as such is still considered as an innovative and affordable advertising media. In this study it is assumed that because of its’ technological -web based- characteristic, advergames are being known and played mostly by young people. The aim of this study is explore the attitudes to advergames and playing advergame behaviour of middle age people. In the context of diffusion of innovation theory and unified theory of acceptance and use of technology, attitudes to advergames and playing advergame behavior of middle aged people was analyzed by structural equation model in this study.

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