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the aim of the article is to present a revised version of the figure referred as the ‘gatekeeper’ (Flick, 2013). This will be offered through auto ethnographical and ethnographical accounts of the author’s fieldwork applied to the case study of the regulatory frameworks through the practices of videogame and eSport industries. The article is divided according to the three settings where the participant recruitment was conducted. Namely, first, the ‘corporative’ setting; second, by approaching the figure of the professional; finally, by conducting fieldwork along with my participants. The article will introduce each of these settings together with their particularities. These include, among others, the aftereffects of reaching participants who are currently working for a company which constitutes a part of the sample or approaching sensitive participants, such as underaged. From a general overview, better results were obtained when focusing on the dynamism and fluidity of the individuals working in either industry and not solely on its constitutive companies. The access node of the professional became, in this case, a much more valuable source of information. This worth increased conspicuously whenever there was an absence of a relationship with my participant’s current/past corporative environments. The figure described by Flick (2013) as the ‘gatekeeper’, is depicted in the form of the corporative entity and affected negatively the overall interaction with this part of my participants. Differently, the third strategy, which involved meetings with eSports professional players, further proved the advantages of the inexistence of a formal entity between participants and me. The results of the study are compared with previous literature related to the strategies of participant recruitment in the context of communication policy research (Just & Puppis, 2012, p. 208). Nevertheless, findings can be extrapolated to other fields that share epistemological grounds to the one presented in this article. 

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Albert Garrich Alabarce (Germany) 10910
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