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Presently many NGOs are addressing social issues such as education, health, nutrition, GBD etc. They select geography based on poor indicators and start implementing programs through support of donor/funder. It is easier to maintain record and keep track of beneficiaries (community people/children/women/adolescent) from a small geography. However, when program scale up to a larger geography, problem arises in tracking the beneficiaries. Implementing organizations are so focussed on implementing the activities that they lose focus of tracking the program beneficiaries which also adversely affects the rigor of evidence, it also adversely impacts measuring outcomes/changes proposed for the project. Another level of challenge is in justifying donor about the reliability of information due to absence of innovation and technology. Plan: Breakthrough is implementing ‘Adolescent Empowerment Program (AEP)’ in many states of India as part of the organization scale up. There are few districts where multiple donors are supporting for AEP program but geographies are different. Using innovative technological methods will help in keeping correct information also support in tracking of the program throughout the project cycle. Technology: 1. Using GPS technology to mark geographies where program has proposed to implement in selected geography committed to donor. This will help in mapping of resources in the community also lead in transparency to the donor. GPS marking of schools, villages, important resources etc. 2. Using android applications (Commcare, Kobo collect etc) to register field beneficiaries (adolescents, families, stakeholders). This will help in tracking them throughout the project cycle. 3. Using mobile applications to record indicators to measure the changes. Feedback forms, quantitative and qualitative data. Relevant information will support in strategizing the program implementation and its further scaling 4. Sending awareness messages (text and voice) to the beneficiaries through the available database. This will be part of mass media campaign.

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Alok Gupta (India) 10111
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