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Technology is changing the way the capitalist structure operates today. With the advent of the platform economy, the digital infrastructure is creating digital inequalities with an ever exploitative characteristic of the platform capitalism.In the classical capitalist model, Marx discussed not only the character of capitalism in general but also the character of more specific components of the capitalist system. Marx examined the circulation of commodities, which he considered “the starting point of capital” (1867/1967:146)  In the capitalist circuit, the type of circulation of the commodity is characterised as— Money-Commodities-(A larger sum of ) Money (M1-C-M2).However, what is significantly different in platform capitalism are the following. Firstly, the platform economy is beyond mere commodity exchange, that is it also involves services. While commodities, C1 and C2 are tangible in nature, services provided in the service economy are intangible. Secondly, there exists a direct point of contact between the seller and the buyer in the classical circuits. In other words, the consumers have access to the commodities in the market place from the seller/producer itself. But the platform economy is invariably mediated through a technological apparatus which is a digital platform. Thirdly, the boundaries between the supply side and demand side are blurring. George Ritzer rejects the false binary of producer and consumer, rather argues in favour of the rise of “prosumer capitalism” where prosumption involves both production and consumption. For example, Ride-sharing is a form of prosumption as those who are using (consuming) their cars provide (produce) rides for those in need of them.Now, thereafter careful consideration of the classical as well as contemporary labour and consumer theories, the paper attempts to propose a viewpoint on the Digital Inequality in Platform Capitalism through improvisation of the Marxist Commodity-Circuit.

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Kanikka Sersia (India) 10110
Scientific production

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Nishat Singh (India) 10112
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