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Technological inovations changes the understanding of the key dimensions of humanity. It is needed to reflect the changes in order to understand the processes we are participating. The one of the dimension which understanding changes is the political. Posthumanism stands on the notion that essentialistic thinking, very simply stated, is unrealistic, outdated, dangerous and unjust. To show that we can see a lot efforts made to achieve the destruction of various binary oppositions (human/animal, nature/culture, private/public, body/mind, woman/man and so on) or –in other words– the barriers that shaped and dominated human thinking. An analysis of the disadvantages of binary opposition can be seen in Donna’s Haraway‘s early works, which have had a particularly significant impact on post-humanist and feminist thinking. According to Haraway, binary opposition creates an unjustified privilege for one group, which by itself forms repression against non-privileged groups such as animals, women, or non-western people. The author herself calls binary oppositions –or, more precisely, the existence thereof– „the greatest story ever told“. Critiquing binary opposition means rethinking the political privileges that come from these oppositions.

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