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The present research was carried out in the context of the multidisciplinary project I SEA, which is focused on cutting edge scientific content about deep sea ecosystems, aiming to establish a new, replicable non-obtrusive method for the evaluation of science communication in scenarios such as science centers and museums, using virtual reality and the transformative play framework. As we were trying to develop a coherent and consistent with the transformative play framework narrative plot for the virtual scenario, the goal of this communication is to reassemble the plethora of agencies at work in the project. Based on the actor-network theory, we actively collaborated with one of the three sub-teams of the project (composed by physical-natural and social sciences researchers) over more than six months, taking field notes, analyzing and producing documents, meeting and interviewing with researchers, practitioners and public. The team was a sort of oligopticon, offering a limited (considering that the project has contributions from engineering and design), but in-depth perspective over the unfolding of the project. In the process, we understood how the affordances of the technology and theory, the views, expertize and availability of researchers, practitioners, and public, and the time window of the project were impacting the work and uncovering unexpected perspectives. For example, because virtual reality is not familiar for most people and has technical limitations regarding displaying written messages, narrative options changed and the agency of the medium as well as the psychological identification with the character were reshuffled into the transformative play framework. The project unfolded not so much despite the limitations, but because of the limitations, we found.  This case study is significant because it reassembles the agencies at work in the project, offering a  in-depth view of their contribution for the implementation of a research and development, multidisciplinary project.

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Carla Morais (Portugal) 10552
Scientific production

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Luiza Senra (Portugal) 10555
Scientific production
Luciano Moreira 2394
Scientific production