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This research is based on some of the new immersive realities of cyberspace, augmented reality, virtual reality and videogames and their educational possibilities starting from digital art exhibition titled “Erro 404”: Arte Não Encontrada, open to the public on May 15 to June 16, 2018 at Espaço Cultural Leonardo Alencar in Aracaju, Sergipe. The project contributed to pedagogical experiences through of the digital language art to public students. The approach is predominantly qualitative regarding the experimentation of a dreamlike universe and its pedagogical contributions, with exploratory objectives centered on research participant. The results on word clouds show the immersive realities of cyberculture in this situation which allow new perceptions and engagement from students by virtual environment in the learning process.

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Marcelo Prudente Silva 2465
Scientific production

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Ronaldo Nunes Linhares (Brazil) 9121
Scientific production