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This paper treats the relationship between modern technologies and health education among Moroccan youth in general, and among educated young man and women in particular. It aims at conducting a critical sociological study of student’s sources of health knowledge and health awareness in Moroccan educational system. This study takes into consideration the health mutations which Moroccan society has recently undergone. These changes are the result of various factors such as the increase in the number of smokers among the Moroccan population, acceleration of immigration from rural areas to poor urban areas, and the increase in percentage of poverty.  This has been done because those mutations have had a great impact on the public health policies. Adopting an empirical and a sociological approach, this study chooses to study health education in an explicit open way. The data upon which this study uses has been collected through research done in Casablanca, Morocco.  It has been collected through conversation and survey questions taken by male and female students within an age range of 15 and 20. The data has been analyzed by content analysis and SPSS.

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BOUCHTA EZZIANI (Morocco) 10153
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