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The Ciliwung river has been always a prominent part of Jakarta. After the river experienced a massive degradation, the central government of the Republic of Indonesia together with the government of the capital city sought to rejuvenate by remaking it under Ciliwung normalization project. The river experienced dredging and concretization from 2012-2017. Citizens are relocated, new policies are implemented. The relationship between humans and nonhumans changes. Ciliwung has a new meaning. It is more than merely an object and shall be preserved. Along the process of making and remaking Ciliwung, the environmental knowledge production always comes into being. This research will focus on analyzing how the entanglement of nature, culture, and infrastructure emerge in Ciliwung before and after the normalization project by using envirotechnical analysis framework and how the environmental knowledge production takes place during river normalization. Fieldwork and expert interview will be conducted as the data collection methods. Diffractive reading will be deployed to analyze the process of environmental knowledge production. History of Ciliwung will be presented to draw the big picture of the context.

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Fauziah Wahdhani 1317
Scientific production

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