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Innovation is in the DNA’s Hospital 12 de Octubre and the Healthcare Research Institute (i+12), as it has been included as one axis in their respective Strategic Plans along with other conventional axes. In this sense, The Innovation Unit was set up in 2014 to address innovation from the lab to the market through the innovation funnel which comprises: reception and evaluation of an innovative idea, IPR protection, development and commercialization.This Innovation Unit, through the i+12 is member of ITEMAS (Medical Technology Innovation Platform), which comprises 115 organizations including medical centres that are leaders in innovation, teaching, and industry. The Innovation Unit involves a multidisciplinary team with complementary profiles. It works under an open innovation paradigm, where innovative ideas are welcome not only from medical staff but also from other stakeholders such as patients or industry.In order to drive innovative ideas, the Innovation Unit promotes several actions. Some data to highlight the route of the innovation funnel managed by the Innovation Unit to date are the following: 37 innovative ideas concerning ICT ,medical appliances, drug delivery and innovation in the organization, 5 training courses containing innovation pills, 33 intangible assets protected under IPR (15 Spanish patents granted, 6 patents granted in other countries, 4 European and 1 PCT patents pending, 7 trademarks), 163.250€ raised from public funding for developing medical devices prototypes and KITs (an applicator catheter; an ostomy device for preventing parastomal hernias in ostomy patients; a KIT for quantifying Minimal Residual Disease), 4 projects beneficiaries to the HEALTHSTART accelerator program aimed at promoting start-ups in Madrid Region, 4 technology offer profiles published at the partnering database of the Enterprise Europe Network, 4 licensing agreements with the industry, 1 start- up specializing in the identification of patient specific genetic markers suitable for MRD monitoring (Altum Sequencing) and a potential participation to innovation procurement under the H2020 program.Thanks to the background and effort of the Innovation Unit staff, professionals have found the support they need to come up with new solutions to offer to the society.

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María López Berlanga 1691
Scientific production

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María López Berlanga 1691
Scientific production