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The everyday context of the youth is becoming increasingly globalized through the media or the internet. Stories that have been passed on from generation to generation are often the connecting threads within a culture – underlining the significance of oral history. The loss of immediate personal identity in an increasingly global world is one of the grand challenges of our time. However, the increasing integration of economic activities including a streamlined entertainment industry have left few niches for individual cultural identity. In turn, the genre of electronic games has become a preferred means of communication and interaction in youth culture. It is hence only logical to incorporate the stories into plots of electronic games to bridge the connection between indigenous stories and the everyday life experiences or contexts in which these stories were placed. We collect such stories in intergenerational groups and resemiotise these stories in two ways: Firstly, the participants together with the researchers reframe the content of the stories in relatable settings, and secondly, these stories will be converted into digital formats. The work with the local communities is mainly arranged by a strong code of conduct. For example, the SAN community has a dedicated spokesman who deals with research requests and moderates research engagements. Although the project is ongoing, we will present the design and layout of the first electronic game we have developed and the collected stories. We will discuss difficulties we encountered and reflect our experiences against the dominant literature.

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Thomas Thurner (South Africa) 10669
Scientific production

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Vikki Eriksson (South Africa) 10670
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