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Although education is considered the main tool to break social inequality, the truth is that today’s education is far from offering equal opportunities to all students regardless their background. Students from privileged families or those whose parents have gained a university degree have more chances to obtain university qualification.   The flipped classroom method, is seen as a very effective tool to offer better and equal opportunities to all students as they receive teacher’s assistance when they really need it, this is, while in class, applying the theory previous learnt (at home via videos, reading or any other source provide by the teacher).   Nevertheless, flipped classroom is much more than just creating a video or providing the right source to deliver the content. Implementing flipped classroom in an effective way requires training and a very critical approach to teacher’s performance and lesson planning. Learning how to create the video, teaching how to watch the videos, deciding on the best methodology to practice the theory or designing the best assessment tools are just some of the steps to take into account in order to success when implementing flipped classroom.

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Maria Neus Alvarez Rubio 2909
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Inmaculada López Lull 1688
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