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Digital financial service is a revolution that has taken the markets in the developed and developing countries. With this revolution, digital loans and credit services have reached the previously unreached poor and the financially excluded populations. In fact, digital financial technology has moved faster than how its regulations and legal frameworks have been designed and implemented. This has always raised the question regarding the consumer protection policy. How are the consumers protected against predatory lending services/institutions offering digital loan and credit services to the poor? The poor consumers are usually financially uninformed. This study investigates the Tanzania's case study in order to determine the Tanzania's efforts in protecting the digital financial service consumers against predatory and uninformed forms of loan and credit provisions. The majority of the poor and uninformed consumers access loan and credit services through mobile money and through  other forms of digital financial services.  

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Deogratius Joseph Mhella 997
Scientific production

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Julia Seifert (Tanzania) 10632
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