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From the 1970s onward changes in economic theory began to draw attention to the relationship between economic growth and technological innovation. Technological innovation has come to be considered fundamental to boost international trade, increase productivity and generate more and better jobs, among other benefits. However, more recently academic narratives began to change, considering technological innovation also important for social purposes as social inclusion, sustainable development. The concept of social innovation was recovered, and a plethora of alternative innovation concepts was developed – as sustainable innovation, open innovation, responsible innovation, green innovation, among other “x-innovation” concepts (Glaglio et al. 2017). Nevertheless, little is know about to what extent these counterhegemonic concepts are presented in the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) policy discourse. In this sense, this article aims to understand the use of “x-innovation” concepts and the role given to innovation for counterhegemonic purposes in the STI national policy of Iberoamerican countries, intending to disclose the specificity of this discourse.

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Carolina Bagattolli (Brazil) 9110
Scientific production

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Tiago Brandão (Portugal) 10553
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