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This article aims at analyzing community consumption as a practice model which will create a new model in the understanding of the consumption to the consumptive pattern. In its development, community consumption pattern brings about a shift because of technology and modern facility availability. An approach used to write this report is library research, while the analysis technique applied is a content analysis aiming at getting a valid inference and can be reobserved based on is context. The presence of technology as a representation of facility in the fulfillment of needs are able to encourage the creation of social change, like the spreading of consumerist culture, the change of fashion and lifestyle mode where this condition is institutionalized in a community culture structure so that consuming goods do not only depend on the needs logic but also cover to someone’s emotional substance. That situation systematically shifts traditional values and directs to the global behavior. Consumption towards the construction of consumptive society becomes a conceptual and historical illustration to understand the consumption shifting to the consumptive practice

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M Chairul Basrun Umanailo (Indonesia) 10099
Scientific production

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