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In the end of 20C, convergence research was introduced as an innovative research method as increasing the complexity of social and scientific problems. Increasing the importance of convergence research, many countries has made programs and policies to promote the convergence research to solve challenging social and scientific problems. Especially, in Korea, since 2009, there have been national initiatives to promote the convergence research. However, interestingly, there are only few cases which show that convergence research draw innovation and there’s no empirical evidence. Introducing the project convergence index(PCI) which cover the variety, balance and disparity, it is showed that the convergence research guarantee the better research output such as number of papers, patents, technology transfer and so on using NTIS data and regression analysis. Additionally, to figure out which factor-variety, balance, disparity- of convergence cause the high performance, multiple regression analysis was also conducted. Based on this study, empirically the convergence research effects on the results were explained, so it can strongly support the national program or policy to promote the convergence research. In the future, whether convergence project make the convergent results or not, and whether convergence results are used in divergence way or not will be analyzed.

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Namwoo Yi (South Korea) 10145
Scientific production

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Namwoo Yi (South Korea) 10146
Scientific production