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This paper explores the meaning, effects, and dissemination of two contrasting ideological perspectives about technology, Technological Determinism and the unified/humanizing view of technology espoused by Bernard Stiegler. The paper lends credence to the long-held and mounting concern that a deterministic ideology of technology is being normalized in educational discourse, perpetuated through its scholarship. It accomplishes this by demonstrating how a characteristic foundational to this deterministic thinking; namely, the granting of agency to technology, is being expressed in the writings of today’s most influential educational scholars. The paper discusses many of Stiegler’s key ideological concepts, including the disarticulation of the original understanding of technology as techne, episteme, and phronesis; humanity’s technical condition; human/technical evolution as epiphylogenesis; and the pharmacological nature of technology. It concludes by emphasizing the critical role that educational scholars play as the font of our ideological understanding about technology and Stiegler’s call to arms to reembrace our originary technicity.

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