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With the help of transmission of photographic images through new media and other forms of media, oppressed and marginalized people across the world have been constructing alternative counter narrative discourses to the oppressive narratives that only garnished prejudiced and monolithic views. One of the reasons why subalternized group of people deliberately take recourse to organized circulations of photographic images through various new media, is their consolidated efforts to re-claim authority over their own public and private consciousness so that they can construct their solid agencies which will eventually subvert their imposed condition of subalternity. At this juncture, media as landscape emboldened by images and information, functions as a space for “imagined communities” of oppressed people to “produce and disseminate information, which are now available to a growing number of private and public interests throughout the world”(Appadurai 35). It means photographic images occupy centre-stage in “image-centered” transmission of information for the oppressed.  

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Chitra Karki (Canada) 10786
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