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When we see beautiful, long hair, well-dressed young daughters and mothers standing side by side with their husbands and all surrounding the tall, massive wide-faced elegant man, with red tie around his neck, all facing the camera eye, it’s the Trumps. The media convergence in image society phenomenon reached broader meaning and brought international consequences after last presidential election in USA. Contemporary visual culture links with politics and consists of not only the present, but also the past visual codes skilfully reinterpreted by the public relations specialist. It’s the visual channel, official presidential family pictures used in the media that is analysed in our study, e.g. ”Time” cover. The primary question asked is: whether the contemporary recipients prefer the truth and the new or the beauty and the old in the messages that they perceive every day in their newsfeed. It is argued that the Trump family is new incarnation of The Kennedy’s, especially when the visual representation of them both is analysed in the eye-tracking experiment. The heat-maps of the family photographs are compared and the areas of interests represent the symbolic depiction of group leaders strength and white, male domination, are described. Biometrics meets the media images.

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Alicja Raviv (Poland) 10745
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Łukasz Przybysz (Poland) 10867
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