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The researchers will present their study and their conclusions on the use of Transmedia  Storytelling  in the language classroom.  Humans have used storytelling for centuries as a learning and communication tool. The story can have many different “ raisons d'etre “  but ultimately communication is the desired result.   In the language classroom communication is the goal, and Storytelling has been used to create an interactive environment to communicate at a personal level.  With the use of digital media the communication is extended to a wider audience.  The storyteller presents and the audience receives the message.  With the addition of creative uses of technology, multiple levels of communication are possible.  The audience is no longer passive but becomes an active participant in the storytelling.  The use of Transmedia Storytelling allows the audience to participate at a more inclusive level adding sensory functions than the traditional storytelling environment did not permitted.  By selection of images, lexical items, sound and music, the audience receives and responds to the message that is relevant to their culture and language and is able to recreate and develop the story as it evolves. By implementing Storytelling in the classroom and expanding to Transmedia Storytelling, the participants developed strategies for communication with other cultures and other audiences abroad.  Through the use of media, the stories were developed by groups in the US and abroad each creating and refining the message to meet the cultural nuances of their region.  Connection to Spain, the Dominican Republic, Italy, and France added a deeper understand of language and culture to the learning experience.  The research involved 7 language classes in the United States and abroad.  The qualitative, quantitative, formative and summative evaluations provided data on the effectiveness of the use of Transmedia Storytelling in the university classroom environment for educational purposes.

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Maria Redmon (United States of America) 10806
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Mariagrazia Spina 2546
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