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Music videos have become an inevitable component of the music culture since their rising in the late 1970s. Nowadays artists use music videos to promote themselves further within the medium of television or internet. Even though having reached such an important position music videos still remain an undiscovered terrain within the research field of art history. Existing researches attempt to define terminologies to differentiate various types of music videos. Bringing forth terminologies like “performance videos”, “concept-clip” and “narrative videos”. Since the 2010 a new genre of music videos has risen within the South Korean pop culture. Boy group BTS has swept multiple international charts with their second studio album “Wings”, released on October 10th 2016. The album consists of 15 tracks with 11 being accompanied by a music video. The music videos are based on the literary work “Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth” by German poet Hermann Hesse of 1919 and interlaced with each other by its story line. The research analyses the audiovisual representation of the literary work. Beginning with the medium of the music video itself the analysis will discuss the components used to portray Emil Sinclair’s story. On top of that the interrelation between literary and lyrical storyline will be discussed, while simultaneously implying the creation of fractal subjectivity according to Jean Baudrillards theory which enables the spectator to become part of the medium himself. The analysis outcome will demonstrate a fusion between literary and lyrical world, resulting into the creation of a fractal subjectivity driven by outermost self-reference. This creation enables the medium of music video to transcend the stage of classification and narcissism according to Krauss to attain complete blending of literary, virtual and reality dimension.

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Alessia Tardivo (Germany) 10882
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Alessia Tardivo (Germany) 10882
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