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Established in 2005 at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad (Serbia), the project Differences was based on the concept of Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto which he defined in his manifestos Progetto Arte (1994) and Love Differences (2002). Pistoletto called for one, unified artistic movement dedicated to socially engaged art that will offer possible answers to major cultural, economic, and financial problems left unresolved, due to the inability of traditional political systems to deal with them. Focused on the Mediterranean region Love Differences tried to combine “the universality of art with the idea of political transnationality”. As a multicultural province in Serbia, Vojvodina is a perfect “case-study” for exploring religious, cultural, political and ethnic values of diversities. The project Differences initiated by artist Goran Despotovski strives to encourage a free dialogue between audience, students and professors of the Academy with one, supreme aim: to eliminate distances and to highlight and praise differences. From 2005 participants of this annual project established connections with museums, theatres, factories, libraries, and film festivals in Serbia. They revived devastated industrial building that became a new open space for presentation of performances, installations, videos, paintings, sculptures and multimedia events. With their ephemeral, experimental artworks, usually made of cheap materials in situ, they question interrelations between art and society, pointing to the rising problem of strategic investments that reduced the budget for art and devalued the quality of cultural life in Serbia. Gradually, the Differences became one of the most important contemporary art platforms in Novi Sad. It is a laboratory of free thinkers who prove that the future of art and the future of society lay in constant struggle for new artistic strategies that will help us fight against all imposed fears of differences.

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