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Durga Puja [1] also known as Sharadotsav or Durgotsava is an annual festival of West Bengal, India, where artists, designers and architects use innovative themes to decorate unique pandals to impress the visitors each year. It involves planning and tedious hard work to give it virtual form. It was interesting that Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the capital of India's West Bengal state has an area of 185 km², more than 4500 pandals [2] were erected in that area during the five - day of Durga Puja was from October 7 until October 11, 2016. Each year there are unique themes which comprise art and design techniques at the single place, time and event. Pandals are distinctive from each other, also they deliver a meaningful message to the society. Those pandals are not only a matter of rituals, devotion and aesthetics, but it is a way to realise the ideologies that are dominating current society. It needed to physically capture the event and document the designs, to understand it with soul, spirit and body. The author connected, visited, studied, captured and documented as a researcher of new media art and faculty of traditional, digital and modern installations. The author finds it was the biggest event which can tell so much about current practices, that no other event in the country can knowledge the variety in the context of art and design techniques then this one of a kind held in the country. This paper will explain and acknowledge the art, and design techniques used in some of Durga Puja pandals where the author visited during 7th -11th October 2016 in Kolkata.

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Tripti Singh (India) 10746
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