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What do we perceive as beautiful and why? Is it a reflection of the social scenarios, economic backgrounds or perhaps our history that influences us? The paper investigates and analyses the reasons for the stereotypical perceptions of beauty and discusses the slow but evident transformation that is taking place in our country. With access to the world via social media there is an interesting emergence that seems to have gained momentum in the last decade. This instantaneous and uninterrupted access to all forms of media has left one either trapped in the hope to achieve superficial perfection or towards a sense of liberation. There is enough evidence that the hurried homogenized half-digested content being offered has led to an overwhelming obsession with one’s appearance. Feeding on the insecurities has benefited many organizations and individuals. The advent of this digital culture has also led to a change in the cosmopolitan ideal and the millennial woman of India does not want to conform to norms. Whether the consumption of both print and digital media as well as the visually illustrious embodiment of the shift in social power to the developing lifestyle results in a new wave for the legacy of perfection remains to be seen.  

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Nitika Seth 3079
Scientific production

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