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What are the dimensions of the materiality in the exhibition context? How these dimensions affect shaping viewer's sensation of the exhibition space? How it possible to explore materiality of exposition by perceiving forms of objects and forms of space itself? The aim of the paper is to provide possible answers, based on research related to the redefinition of the term of materiality in relation to the theory of exhibition. One of the basic concept regarding redefinition of materiality in relation to the exhibition space, is the idea of understanding exhibition as a text of culture, associated with the theory of narration. Within this concept multidimensionality of material relations between the works of art, the viewer and the space, has a significant effects in the process of producing knowledge and influencing experience within the exhibition space. Presentation of the research results will be based on selected examples of the exhibition models from European museums.

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Martyna Lukasiewicz 2624
Scientific production

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