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The traditional storytelling has begun to disappear, as the modern culture seizes every aspect of life (Ramsden ve Hollingsworth, 2017: 14). The narrators began to take the place of digital media such as photography, cinema, television and internet. At the same time, basic cultural periods in communication can be handled in five different ways. These; Oral culture, written culture, printed culture, electric and electronic culture were finally added to these cultures or periods Digital culture, different media tools were introduced in the forms of communication between people and people (Baldini, 2000: 6). The traditional storytelling that started in the oral culture period has been moved to a different dimension with the applications on the web during the digital culture period. Thus, storytelling has experienced many changes and transformations in structural and content. When the digital culture era and the "Imagery Age" were considered, narrators tried to convey how they were changing through storytelling, exploration, new forms of communication and use of new media tools. In particular, the work of Guy Debord's "Show Society" has been utilized. This study was carried out by the scanning model of qualitative research methods. Since the phenomenon "Barış Özcan" was studied as a Youtuber, it was realized by using Case Study Model (Karasar, 2014: 77-86). Rogers “Diffusion of Innovation Theory" has become the most theoretical basis for his work. At the end of the study, it has been determined that there are structural and content differences between traditional media tools and traditional narrative style, digital media tools and digital narration style. With this changing and transforming narrative, the position of narrator and listener has been changed in many ways. The concept of time and space has been specifically addressed in this study. Traditional and digital narratives have changed in terms of time and space.

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