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The history of photography encompasses the history of a rapidly enhancing experimental progress including a variety of dimensions like artistic creation and documenting. Photography clearly assumed contemporary applications surpassing traditional ones with the aid of technological advancement, while resuming its use as one of the most effective tools in, amongst many others, documenting and highlighting social incidents. Media, possessing the power to identify the ways in which social incidents get constructed in the public memory, can then make an effective use of this via specific codes. Even though it is related to a particular part of society, 1st May International Workers’ Day (also referred to as Labour Day) is a historically grounded universal event/celebration and belongs to the category of a specific social event. The aim of this study is to identify the ways in which Labour Day, borne out of deepened conflicts between the worker class and the bourgeois, gets constructed in public memories. The study will examine interpretative and ideological connections between photography as an element of visual culture and the world as a host to social events. Furthermore, news media selected from Turkish press as well as Italian press will be presented and their specifications will be identified, contrasted and qualitatively evaluated using the method of visual framing analysis. Finally, social documentary photographies in question will be analyzed in Turkish-Italian media as is understood in an international platform, with respect to the identification of memory construction dimensions they lead to and the coding system that might be used for such an end. 

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Mert Yusuf Özlük 2747
Scientific production

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