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Since the rise of Modernism its founders have misunderstood the nature of abstraction (Avital, 2017), resulting in the blurring and even erasing of boundaries between the different visual disciplines: fine art, graphic design, architecture and industrial design. Today we are facing an ever-growing flood of visual products, some real and others virtual in all media. Their production on the one hand and how they are seen/evaluated on the other are arbitrary as there are no consistent appraisal guidelines. This situation has led to a shattered understanding of cultural products and their role. The outcome of this has implications not only on our interpretation of reality but also on the nature of visual products and their quality. This presentation attempts to firstly define art, mainly figurative, as a paradigm that employs brain tools and secondly to contrast it with design (of objects) which are created as body tools. It suggests a method of understanding visual culture and its different creations as well as proposes an educational approach that puts emphasis on the distinction between art and design. Acknowledging the differences between these visual disciplines will contribute to assessing them correctly and will have a crucial role towards the advancement of art and design in a visual culture.   Ref.: Avital, T. (2017).  The Confusion between Art and Design, Brain Tools vs. Body Tools. Vernon Press

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Yossi Galanti 1508
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