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Cave walls have been used as a space when portrayed in the murals of the unique structure of the human anatomy. In these paintings where the first anatomical drawings were made, the mechanical structure of the human body was started to be unraveled and questioned. Anatomy science has also emerged in the light of cadaver studies aiming to solve the mehanics of the. After this reconnaissance of the anatomy, the body has taken more correct and progressive steps in its journey. The discovery of x-rays, one of the most important developments in medical science, has enabled the use of x-ray imaging method in the actualise of treatment and diagnosis of many diseases. X-ray imaging is not only a technique that is widely used in the field of medicine, but also presents itself as a tool that used in today's art practices, in ordhuman body and technical and artistic drawings that support these initiatives. Anatomy has been a part of the most basic structure of art and it’s opening as well as medical science. With the discovery of X-rays, the mysterious curious inner structure of the human body has become more visibleer to differentiate and strengthen the artistic narratives of the artists. Among these art practices, we can list areas such as photography, painting and art of graffiti. In this work we will deal with Shok-1 nickname graffiti artist who uses anatomical drawings which are the common language of art and medicine disciplines and uses x-ray effects which is x-ray imaging method when doing them and uses city walls as the space of artistic drawings.When examining the work of the artist, who has unique paint use and technique and wall studies, we will focus on what different ways medical imaging techniques can create artistic applications.

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