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Currently, the use of social media sites have been expanding and becoming more prominent in society. Despite these advancements, studies have shown that issues concerning social media are arising among younger generations than older generations. Those who are older may not have similar problems dealing with social media sites because they tend to value personal relationships with others while younger users have may not know how to interact in person because they are used to communicating through a screen. In retrospect, many people were unable to communicate actively with one another until social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube began to surface on the internet. Communication is more accessible than ever, especially now that smartphones have been created. However, this phenomena hinders the development of face-to-face communication skills among the youth.  Reports show that this lack of building personal relationships due to the frequent usage of social media sites may be affiliated with mental illness such as depression and anxiety since social media has the power to leave individuals feeling more isolated than united. In order to assess and analyze the relationship between social media and mental health, we will be focusing on the negative impacts of social media platforms on younger generations.

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Yu Kou (United States of America) 10637
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Kristine Pambuena (United States of America) 10642
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Revanth Kumar Gandikota Yuvarajulu (India) 10106
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