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Body Shaming is a social evil that has been crippling the young minds present in the society and the fashion industry. While substantial amounts of statistics are available on the topic in relation to women, the scenario is different when the victim in question is a man. The research aims at studying the concept of Male Body shaming to deduce why there is minimal amount of content and awareness on the topic in India along with assessing the social standing on the topic and the serious mental and physical impact of shaming and objectification on Indian men.  Upon carrying out the Research it was observed that Male Body Shaming is actually as common as its female counterpart among young urban Indian population. One of the major reasons behind the lack of content on the topic is the unawareness about the existence of the problem in Indian society. The media is assuming key part in building pressure on young urban male to adhere male beauty standards. Consequently, after the examination it can be plainly expressed that there is positively a solid bond between self-perception, media, and societal desires on urban male.

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Neha Dimri (India) 10104
Scientific production

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Vallari Mittal (India) 10105
Scientific production