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This paper asks after what it means to play with bordering via a set of material and visual practices. Primarily, it examines border graffiti, sports, and artistic installations to think about how everyday practices such as these are reimagining the securitization of border sites. Focusing on the US-Mexico border and the Separation Barrier between Israel and the West Bank, it argues that these visual interventions on the landscape form an interesting site for examining the intersection of the security/visuality nexus, not in who is observed by the security apparatus but in what the webs of visibility are in the writing of text and image on a border wall site, itself a line written on the landscape. The border site itself is not simply a discursive representation of state authority: it is a geographical and material site upon which authorship is designated and written (and contested). The materiality of these projects, intertwined with the materiality of the border wall and the landscape itself, acts to reconfigure border space from securitized-space to human-space through the medium of visual practices.

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Jessica Auchter (United States of America) 10640
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