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The debate surrounding the counter-monument and its commemorative role opens a discussion into the nature of sculptural practice in the present. Young (1992) described the counter monument's premise of rejecting imposed metanarratives and values in order to incite reflection by the public that is deeply affected by contemporary and historical events. The present project differs from Young’s proposal and his selected artists on how to achieve this reflection. For instance, this creative project has no bias against traditional practice when it comes to constructing anti-monuments. Producing the Monument Nobody Asked For: The Counter monument and Anti-heroic promotes creativity free of any social compromise and constraints from public commissions or committees or special interest groups. In addition, this work critically addresses unconventional themes and topics that otherwise would not be spoken about or remembered.  To sculpt is to question and inquire through irony, satire, and humor while subverting conventional standards and expectations.

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Howard Taikeff (Ecuador) 9863
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