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This research addresses the Transmedia Storytelling nature of the Doctor Who and Harry Potter universes through a message analysis of several channels of the content. The television show and one film within the Doctor Who Universe and two films and the mobile app in the Harry Potter Universe were all analyzed using the constant comparison method. Results showed that a total of five overarching themes were present within both universes—ethical, social, religious, violence, and political/media—but not on all channels (film, mobile app, television). The flagship aspects of the universes (those which contain a majority of the original storylines) contained all five major themes while the ancillary channels did not. This brings up implications of the richness of non-central channels associated with transmedia storytelling. Elaboration on each theme and sub-themes, as well as implications of these findings to transmedia storytelling and culture, are discussed in detail in the final paper.

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Tabitha Lynn Cassidy 1428
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