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The purpose of this study is to focus on a further understanding of Vejigantes: magnified through traditions and heritage. An advanced examination into the ethnographic investigation through origins and reciprocities, while experimenting with clashing cultures, will bring “vejigantes” from folkloric to contemporary. Thus, analyzing comprehension of the appreciation and the after-effects of its presence in the contemporary art world. The examination administered ethnographically rather than anthropologically, for the purpose of research to be explained within the culture and context, rather than observing out of context. The history and traditions are only documented in the locale of the “vejigante” history, method of production, and traditional ceremonies: Ponce, Puerto Rico. Important information obtained and accumulated for the perspective of the definition, meanings, and transformation of the “vejigante.“ Interviews have been administered and are incorporated to give a local perspective and response of the natives who populate these ceremonies and how they have decayed over the years of colonization. The subjects selected to survey are native artisans, historians, and participants of the festivities which will support the investigation and confirm the word-of-mouth which is prevailing in the history of the “vejigante.” Established initially through stories circulated generation to generation, this allowed a cultural history to thrive without literature on the subject, nonetheless, keep in mind this information has been altered marginally through continuous word-of-mouth. The results present the evidence and the significance of culture and its transformation within civilization. It is also apparent the impact of the United States of America has had on Puerto Rico, by adjusting and acclimating into Western culture. Immigration, tourism, and westernization are key points that have altered the original concept of the “vejigantes” and the traditions that accompany.

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Chelsea M. Glidden Bosch 887
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