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The research is focused on the explaining aspects of authorship in visual production of graphic design education between 1989 – 2001. Before 1989 the Slovakia did not exist as independent country. It was occupied by the Soviet Union. Ideology of the socialism controlled the most of visual production quality in graphic design. After 1989 a new market and global advertising trends took over of main production what also influenced rapidly the quality of aesthetic and visual taste in graphic design and its culture standards. On other side education in graphic design (started at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava at 1989) took opposite view and through the authorship and designers control of production tried to define what could be new identity and trends of Slovak visual culture. A poster will show process and methodology of analysis of a significant student projects from the Studio 202 and graduates between 1997 and 2001. This generation was significant for their author’s approaches in interpretation of briefs and they modified visual rhetoric of production. They also influenced the next generations of students and discourse of graphic design studios at the Academy. The projects come from extensive collection of graphic design graduates from Academy which are now stored in Slovak Design Museum in Bratislava. The collection contains more then 230 projects from Studio 202 and it is now in process of investigation. Through the artifacts and their visual analysis there will be specified categories and common authors phenomena in context of: 1 – idea and thinking approach of brief conceptualization, 2 – technics and character of formal visual elements The end of research will compare the author’s production with major visual production. The expected results should introduce basic roots of Slovak visual culture shaped by authors in graphic design. 

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Anna Ulahelová (Czech Republic) 9848
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