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Occasionally, the narration of a story or an incident could have an effective impact on the marginalized vision of women in society and give them visibility. Today, colonization of authoritarian states dominance on audio-visuality is extensively influenced by protestive voices in Iran. Female artists are constantly questioning the boundaries and female video activists are determined to raise the social awareness on compulsory regulations. The current research seeks to delve more into the common context that forms a subjective lens and an analogous audio-visual feminine language in post-revolutionary Iran. Indeed, aesthetic significance and coordination between the form, medium and content in the selected video examples will be scrutinized. Furthermore, this practice-based research reflects my exploration and experimentation on various forms of protestive audio-visuals employed by Iranian women who live either in post-revolutionary Iran or in exile. My investigation includes some instances of my own video practices in Iran emerging from the underlying themes I am following in my research. Likewise, my approach is to experiment and conceptualize new ideas on cinematic forms and experimental dynamics that are expressive of protestive content from a subjective and objective perspective.      

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Hamideh Javadi 1603
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