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Massive street demonstrations against the 82-year-old president, Bouteflika,'s bid for fifth term have taken place across Algeria and still going on since 22 February, 2019. The president who has been running the country during two decades has suffered a stroke since 2013 that has made him paralysed. His deteriorating health state has led him to hardly ever appear in public after that he used to be well-known for his outstanding speech delivery, and this incident has created a considerable gap between him and his people. Street protestors have displayed their dissatisfaction with the fact of being presided by an incapacitated person and perceived this act as disrespectful towards their algerianity. They have also revealed that they are aware of the presence of hidden rulers behind Bouteflika’s poster and that it is their (rulers) responsibility of causing Algeria her serious economy shortage and corruption. Therefore, it is high time for them to step down. Another statement announced by the president and angered further the demonstrators is his will to be re-elected this time to order a referendum on a modified constitution and then prepare early presidential election without his candidacy. Again and again, denouncing demonstrations have taken place until Bouteflika finally officially resigned in 02 April 2019. Special peculiarity of these Algerian events is that in response to anonymous calls on social media, the protestors have walked peacefully without violence raising their voices through chanting and writing slogans against the prevailing regime. International attention has been drawn to this aspect being described by the media as creative and artistic. What is meant by creativity and art in this context? The objective of this paper is to explore the different written slogans used by Algerian protestors against Bouteflika’s re-election by examining their creative and artistic facets and displaying their underlying motives.

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Zohra Labed 4069
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