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The combination of logical thinking (visual, mathematical, or verbal) and freethinking (ability to work with unproven assumptions or imagination) may lead to critical questions and speculative conversations. It creates the condition for thinking productively rather than reproductively. SPHAERA kickstarts a four phase incubation program that will take place over a two year period. The program offers a platform for artists and scientists to collectively prospect what are principle questions and methods that can lead to imaginative research. Initially in the Phase 1, six artists are chosen to take part in this program. The artists consist of established and emerging artists exploring methods and ideas from both science and artistic disciplines in various mediums. Phase 1 has achieved its aim in bridging and closing gaps between two cultures of knowledge that represent the idea of symbiotic connection between intuitiveness of creative process and the empirical structure of science. Phase 2, which is called “The Immersion”, combined the six artists from Phase 1 with selected specialists from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical) to collaborate in the process of ideation and conceptual framework within six months period of time.  Phase 2 is considered to be the backbone of this program, as during this period, artist and scientist will work together to experiment on their ideas through multidisciplinary means. The creativity and intuitiveness of an artist combined with the structured and empirical studies of scientist may result in new ideas and concepts. The nuances of different intellectual perspectives and views between both artists and scientists and their experiences during the participation are documented and recorded through photography and videography.

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