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The United Productions of America (UPA) is an animation studio that thrived in the early 50s after World War II. In a time of experimentation and with the rise of modern art forms, UPA introduced to the American public a new animation style that deviated away from realism, which ,instead was defined by unmodulated color, oversimplified forms, and figurative geometry. Driven by modernist ideals rather than profitability, UPA struggled to compete in a highly competitive market—where their own financial support often gavc the company less creative power. significant UPA ceased to exist with the end of modernism, while Disney adapted with time and found their footing in a postmodernist era, particularly with the creation of The Magic Kingdom. In essence, this paper aims to analyze the impact of UPA’s role in animation history, challenging Disney’s adherence to realism in a time where animators craved experimentation with modernist approaches.

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Suyoung Moon 1273
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