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This paper is an exposition for the findings related to the dwellings of Rabindranath Tagore, at Santiniketan in Bengal. Tagore is considered one of the modern Bengal‘s foremost cultural and intellectual figures. As punitive method, the inquiries regarding an architectural perspective, reveals more than a few ideologies and approaches of Tagore‘s literary mind, based on historical context as well as his personal philosophy. The paucity of Tagore‘s direct references to his houses in his writings makes it imperative to rely on in-situ analyses. Written allusions about space and architecture in his poems and dramas constructed the literature review of the study. In doing so, the paper also endeavors to comprehend the immense potential for understanding and appreciating Tagore's less-highlighted genius of architectural creations. Placing these findings within contemporaneous endeavors might help us for discovering Bengal as pan-Asian leading position. As the then British colonized nation, the analysis of this study will show that how regional modernism silently flourished through architecture under Tagore‘s prophecy.

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Sayed Ahmed (Bangladesh) 9077
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